The Solid Sista’s and Brotha’s Aboriginal Program

“We have survived, we now want to thrive”.

About the Solid Sista’s and Brotha’s Aboriginal Program

The Solid Sista’s and Brotha’s Aboriginal Program aims to build strong leaders among the Aboriginal community in the Canberra region, in particular to inspire Aboriginal youth to grow in confidence, self-respect and capability which will enable them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential to prosper within contemporary society and become the best persons they can be.

The program’s weekly gathering is designed as a healthy safe place for discovering, connecting, sharing and growing new ideas and knowledge. The core operations of these gatherings are supported and facilitated by volunteers of local Aboriginal parents, who transfer traditional knowledge through art, music, dance and stories using modern techniques.

The Key components of our program are:

· Culture
· Connection to family, school and community
· Physical and psychological health and wellbeing
· Hopes and dreams
· Empowerment
· Mentoring
· Leadership

The program promotes strong community ties and also allows them to learn about leadership and how to reach their goals from others who have had similar experiences. It is essentially an outlet for young people who may not have the opportunity express their aspirations in a safe environment and one in which they are rewarded for taking steps to achieve them.


  1. Promote all aspects of childhood learning and development in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.
  2. Encourage, foster, promote and implement culturally appropriate programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait youth and families.
  3. Understand the Social Justice issues relevant to improving awareness to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Youth.
  4. Promote the benefits of a Healthy lifestyle to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Youth and their families.
  5. Advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth


The program is a rewards based program and we do our best to find the kids rewards for attending school, being a good community member, behaviour and following our motto. This is very difficult given we are a small community based organisation that receives little funding to run the program.

Providing rewards for the kids has been a great success. The kids look forward to these events although they have been limited. It gives them a sense of worth as they feel valued and appreciated. It encourages them to attend school and be model community members.

Weekly meetings

The Solid Sista’s and Brotha’s Aboriginal Program meets weekly and we start the program with each participate revealing to the group one achievement that has made them feel good and one positive thing that they have done for someone else. This enables the group to focus on the positives in life rather than the negatives. It enriches the group with success stories and shows how we can make a positive change to not only themselves but to offers.


The Junior Mentors program is a pathways model that the program has developed to enables those who graduate the program to continue on as a Junior Mentor. It is designed to teach the senior members in the group leadership skills and provides them with an opportunity to be part of the planning and delivery of our programs.